A colourful start in Lush management

Sometimes all great things must come to an end but this time the ending is one that both Sally are I are proud of.

It’s so rewarding to receive an excited call from a client to be advised that they have achieved their personal and professional goals. Sally’s call proudly informed me she had just accepted a role on the Lush Management Scheme – I am proud – she is delighted.

With a clear vision, motivation, determination and agreed clear goals Sally’s hard work had paid off. This makes coaching clients so rewarding and worthwhile.

Sally kindly wrote a testimonial to advise that “I had greatly contributed to her career and recruitment“ yet she had done all the hard work I told her whilst I stood on the sidelines as her coach, supporter, advocate and believer. What could YOU achieve? 

 We would love to hear your views at http://bit.ly/2FyRTDQ in relation to what YOU think makes a good coach?

A colourful start in Lush management--