Do you compare yourself to others and how life coaching can help

When life coaching we often find that clients can view themselves less favourably than others.

We very often perceive ourselves as being less intelligent or less confident, having poorer ability or being less attractive or possessing fewer social skills. The list goes on.

Social media plays a key part in increasing the likelihood that we compare ourselves to someone else and this isn’t good for our well-being. 

However, its important to admire and appreciate others but not to compare.

Comparing ourselves is natural and what most of us do so the key is to connect with our own inner sense of self. Understand your values, your strengths, your skills and experience, your gifts and talents. Focus on these and appreciate who you are and what you bring to others and the world around you.

Some tips are to:

Remember what you’re good at

Regularly review your achievements and successes

Explore your natural talents and use them whenever possible

Understand what others like about you and work with a life coach to reveal this Review your personal strengths, and write them down weekly

Stay focused on being who you want to be

Learn from your disappointments – don’t see them as negative

Find contentment within where possible We find that by understanding and appreciating who we are as people and valuing our very own ‘uniqueness’ then this is very often the start of a clients confidence and self-esteem building. 

Working with a Life Coach support you in exploring both who you are now and importantly what you have to offer. Psychology today wrote an interesting article if you would like to learn more about how coaching can support you 

 Why don’t you try it as an exciting journey could lie ahead!

Do you compare yourself to others and how life coaching can help--