Heat Stress

Heat Stress

We all welcome the sun and the glorious heat it brings through the long days giving us mire time to sit out in the garden and invite friends and family for barbecues. But are we still excited ? 

What do you think now, weatherman says it’s going to be another scorcher and a record -breaking day?

Rushing out to buy barbecues, was an exciting experience because we could almost guarantee that the rain was not going to spoil our day for a change. But has the novelty of downing our favorite drinks and liberally applying sunscreen become a chore?

Have you now experienced too many restless nights, sun burn and total heat exhaustion?

We have all become savvy and have adopted coping strategies. 

  • Sorted out the Ac in the car 
  • Fans for the bedroom
  • Showering regular to cool down
  • Drinking plentiful of water
  • Stocking up on sunscreen
  • Opening House windows
  • Avoiding the midday sun 
And many other ways to keep us cool and hydrated

Life too in a way is just like the heatwave, we are often forced to adopt coping strategies to get us through.

We at Engaged Minds believe that a small amount of stress is good to keep us motivated and helps us to get things done but large amount of stress can play havoc on life.

Engaged Minds deals with Life and Business coaching that focuses on the eight most important areas of our life that cause stress and then look at strategies to reduce stress and anxiety in each area.

We can not change the weather and some of the things life throw at us, but we can adopt a learning culture and embrace coping strategies that will bring greater happiness and success.

Heat Stress--