How to Cope with Stress in the Summer Holidays

Schools soon out for summer and parents are already starting to fret and many parents find this a very busy and stressful time of the year, trying to organise days out and activities to amuse the kids while juggling with the day to day activities of life.

1.Planning Can Reduce Stress

Make a summer list of things you and the family want to do and enjoy working your way through the list, offering and suggesting only achievable things that are realistic. Involving the kids can be a very good way to foster engagement and will have symbiotic benefits as children will feel and believe that they had a say in the outcome, which is always a Win Win scenario. Do try to not over promise as this can be disheartening for children and adults.

Then get out the diary/google diary or your wall planner and start to plan dates. Booking is key as popular venues are snapped up quickly and it’s often cheaper to book early. 

Try to arrange with friends so that you can share lifts and pick-ups it may sound obvious but start a parents lift sharing service on what’s app.

2.Manage Holiday Expectations

Do try to manage everyone’s expectations as to what they want from the holiday if you are heading away from home. It is well known fact that holidays can be even more stressful than not having one at all! 

Sit everyone down and have a decision about a few options and then get some agreement on what you are going to do while you are away. Don’t try to do every thing and sometimes less is more.

3.Managing Work

For those working the summer, it can be frustrating as nothing seems to get done. It’s always a good idea to ask your business partner, boss or co-workers to get a sense for who is going to do what and if you can be flexible with your hours. It’s better to ask your boss than not to ask at all.

Very often when people at work do not know what’s going on in your personal life they start to make their own assumptions about your level of commitment which is not always accurate and can lead to more stress, anxiety or even conflict.

If you work from home, then try to organise your time.This could be working in the mornings to take afternoons off with the kids. Avoid unnecessary modern distraction like social media that will only eat up your time.

4.Fun and Parties

When the weather is fine there is often extra pressure during the summer to be having fun and entertain others and sometimes you may not feel like it. Do not be pressured by what your friend or neighbours may be doing or demanding of you. Do what feels right for you. Learn the power of saying no because real friends and close family will understand. 

Entertaining at home can also be stressful so plan ahead. Get people to bring things to the party or BBQ to help with the workload allowing you to enjoy yourself too!

5.Well Being 

Whether you decide to go away or stay at home, be it playing ball in the garden or watching a film on TV. Most importantly remember that it’s a time to enjoy the long summer days with the family. Make it a time when you all have time to relax. For more tips read here 

 Your well-being is key….

How to Cope with Stress in the Summer Holidays--