Marmite Football – You either love it or hate it!

Marmite Football – You either love it or hate it!

But why do we feel that way? 

Let’s look at this from a belief system perspective. 

Many of the things we encounter we either like or dislike based on our own values and belief. Beliefs are assumptions we hold to be true and arise from learned experiences from a combination of:

  • Our childhood 
  • Parents
  • Teacher 
  • Colleagues
  • The friends we socialise with 
  • The information and knowledge we acquire from what we read, listen or watch

What others think and say to us reinforces our belief system. You may be told by a teacher, parent or school friend that you we not good at football or some subject. 

 We may have read or seen images of violence associated to football and these images thus depict in our mind.

Once are beliefs become deep-rooted we constantly look for evidence to support that belief. We are often motivated to argue our case with any one who challenges our beliefs. Equally if we like football we will enjoy reading, listening or paying to watch live events.

In life success and happiness so often eludes us because we do not respect the values and beliefs of others. After all, beliefs are just beliefs; there is nothing wrong or right about them.

Self-limiting beliefs also hinder and block our success and happiness path. Life coaching and business coaching works to remove these self-limiting beliefs. 

England’s success in the 2018 world cup did galvanise a nation and even celebrities and royal figures were chanting ‘Football’s coming home!’

Football may have gained a few more fans; or will many return to their original belief when the dust settles in Russia?

The ultimate learning is that of respecting the value and beliefs of others and to take a more reflective look at ourselves to see which values or beliefs may no longer be relevant to our decision making for a better future.

Marmite Football – You either love it or hate it!--