Questions to ask your business coach?

Sometimes we get asked some of the following questions from new business or life coaching clients so have put together a list to support you…

1. Do clients achieve measurable, substantial results?

You don’t have time to waste on people with no track record of achieving results so look for a range of case studies or testimonials. 

 2. Do they have specific business skills as well as the ability to coach?

Some life coaches, who specialise in motivation or self-development, have taken to calling themselves business coaches because they can charge more for their services that way. Yet a true business coach will specific knowledge of business strategies that will add tremendous value to your business and we have qualifications in both. 

 3. How do they describe business coaching?

This is an important questions to ask a business coach – if they tell you it’s all about helping you to focus and bring out the best in yourself, they are only half way there and we tend to look at both areas equally. The other side of the coin is analysing your business which will identify what’s holding you back, support you in building a clear action plan to deliver it. and holding you accountable to get it done. 

 4. What types of business have they coached?

You really don’t need a coach who is expert in your industry. Yet you do need a coach who can quickly adapt and help clients to be successful no matter what their industry. 

 Our experience is wide so we bring more flavours and strategies to your business. 

 5. Will the coach provide any practical help as well as coaching?

Marketing is key to getting coaching results and we often ask clients to send us their marketing which we review and as a result our clients see bigger results. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can benefit your business please feel free to give us a call.

Questions to ask your business coach?--