Tips if feeling lost and would coaching help?

Feeling lost is a common topic. 

This can be for a variety of reasons – a relationship ended, they were overlooked for a promotion, an opportunity fell through. It could just be that their life is taking a direction they didn’t think would.

Sometimes this can apply to us?….

You may sometimes feel helpless, maybe even hopeless. Or you aren’t sure why you feel lost. But you do.

You might no longer recognize yourself or your business.

We are pleased to say that there is a way out so please consider giving these a try.

Denying our emotions usually just leads to self-destructive behaviour so remind yourself that it’s OK to feel sad, disappointed and helpless. Life goes through various stages and acceptance can sometimes help. Take great care of yourself.

Do remind yourself that although you may feel your circumstances are out of your control, you can still control how you react to them and this personal responsibility is key. Ensure you invest time on activities that make you feel good.

This can be keeping fit, yoga, meeting key friends to maintain perspective. It sounds simple but so many of us put ourselves LAST…. Reflect on your own values.

What matters to you? What’s important? Are you creating the life you deserve? Sometimes we follow our heart and sometimes its our head. Which one is right for you?…

Attending an inspirational event can help you remember what you’re passionate about, meet like minded people and obtain ideas for a different future.

Consider working with a life coach, confide in a close friend or join a support group that focuses on what area you’re struggling with. Sometimes joining a group can provide us with insight into other peoples lives and make us not feel so alone.

Even though it might be painful always try to remember that feeling lost can become an opportunity to grow and be the first step in creating a more fulfilling life. It can be the very first stage in connecting with ourselves.

If you would like to know more about our life coaching programme and/or future group coaching sessions then please feel free to give us a call.

Tips if feeling lost and would coaching help?--