Wanting to take your work and personal life up a gear?

Engaged Minds are a group of performance coaches based in North Leeds. They successfully deliver individual and team performance programmes to increase life, work and team success. They have recently teamed up with one of the North’s leading 4 star hotel and conference providers the beautiful Weetwood Hall.

Lisa Fisher who founded Engaged Minds said “we are delighted to be able to promote our service within each of the 35 well equipped Weetwood Hall conference and seminar rooms. Up to 50,0000 delegates use their quality facilities annually so it seemed a great choice for us to be visible and provide their clients with both personal and/or professional support when required”.

The Managing Director of Weetwood Hall Mr Martin Hicks advised “Our hotel prides itself on delivering the best service. Having an AIM gold accreditation for facilities, services and customer care, we felt we could provide additional support to our valued clients by offering the services of a company to help them become even more personally and professionally successful”.

The Engaged Minds philosophy is to look at all areas which affect performance such as home and work as each is interconnected. Their unique signature systems focus on the psychological approach to business and self-improvement which in turn supports clients to become a more effective leader, employee, family member, friend, colleague and individual.

They strongly believe that to have ultimate happiness and success it is important to look at all areas of life which is often a balance between home, work and personal.

Both Lisa and Martin met and discussed ways the Engaged Minds service could be communicated visually in a fun and exciting way. Martin suggested a bicycle concept and together this is now used to portray the importance of having a balanced personal and work life as each relies on the other and is interdependent.

The back personal performance wheel has eight components including areas such as having a happy work life balance and personal and professional growth. The work performance wheel at the front has eight components too including important areas such as having engaged staff and agreed company vision and goals.

Lisa and Martin believe that it is important to consider both as a balanced personal life will in turn help increase work performance and vice versa.

How balanced would your bike be and what would your personal and work performance spokes reveal?… Why not take the challenge and look out for these bikes when next visiting their conference rooms.

To find out more please see www.engagedminds.co.uk

Wanting to take your work and personal life up a gear?--